Cadillac Engine Repair & Rebuild Specialists

Over 850 successful Cadillac Northstar Engine
Rebuilds and over 1,500 head gasket repairs.

If you are a Cadillac owner, you probably already know that finding a qualified person to maintain your engine is a very difficult task. We are the NORTHSTAR SPECIALISTS, having successfully performed over 850 Cadillac Northstar engine rebuilds. No Matter what the issue – head gasket failure, oil leaks, or oil consumption – we have the right repair at the right price. Most importantly, we get it right the first time, satisfaction guaranteed.


Remanufactured engines are our main area of expertise. With today’s highly sophisticated engines, it is essential that attention to detail is not compromised. To meet OE requirements data, knowledge and expertise allows us to continuously provide a great product time and time again.

Head Gasket Repair

If you are one of the many people being affected by the Cadillac/Northstar head gasket problem, look no further. As Cadillac Experts, we know how to diagnose and repair this problem properly.